Assessment & Diagnosis

 Case Snippet 


For an online module to demonstrate an assessment of a patient with neuropathic pain and development of an initial therapeutic strategy, select the "E-learning Module" icon from the website (opens in new window; popups must be enabled).



Generate differential diagnosis for the individual case.

  • Medical diagnoses related to the pain: underlying diagnoses causing pain (for example; osteoarthritis, cellulitis, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, etc.)
  • Pain type (acute, neuropathic, visceral, etc.), intensity, impact on quality of life and function
  • Medical comorbidities contributing to pain and/or affecting treatment:
    • Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular or neuromuscular diseases
    • Medications that may interfere with the usual choices of drug or nondrug treatments. Some treatments may be contraindicated in patients on anticoagulants, or with an uncorrected bleeding disorder, active infection, pregnancy, immunosuppressive therapy, or other issues.
  • Psychosocial issues and patient's ability to cope with pain
    • Factors that impact treatment planning and may affect response to treatment include depression, anxiety, negative emotions, past experiences, illness perception, alcohol dependence, substance abuse and current social situations.