Case Study Examination

This examination contains 7 questions. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. There is no time limit and your responses are not graded.

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Based on the information provided, her pain symptoms are best classified as:

Which of the following items are essential components of a comprehensive pain assessment? Select all of the correct answers.

During the assessment this patient reports that her sleep is nonrestorative and interrupted by periods of anxious wakefulness. She reports being increasingly impatient and short-tempered and feels her husband "doesn't understand" her pain or its impact. She does less walking and driving than she did previously. At this point in the encounter, which of the following is the best single response?

Which of the following choices are important in developing a treatment strategy for this patient? Select all correct answers.

Which of the following treatment choices are best suited for this patient? Select all correct answers.

Which of the following require referral to a pain specialist? Select all correct answers

The patient is prescribed an extended-release opioid and a short-acting opioid preparation. According to the principles of responsible opioid prescribing, you are required to assess and document at each clinic visit the following (select only one):