WE’VE MOVED! The content on this website is no longer being maintained and will be taken down soon. Please visit our new website for new and updated Whole Health resources: https://wholehealth.wisc.edu.

Whole Health:

    • Places each person at the center of his or her own health care
    • Shifts the focus of care toward health and well-being
    • Utilizes Mindful Awareness to promote self-care and healing
    • Emphasizes the importance of relationships and partnerships
    • Incorporates a range of conventional and complementary approaches 
    • Supports the VHA’s mission and #1 strategic goal
    • Includes courses, educational overviews, clinical tools
      and Veteran handouts

Whole Health is a collaborative effort of the VHA Office of Patient Centered Care & Cultural Transformation, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, Integrative Health Program, in support of the VHA’s effort to affect transformational change towards a Whole Health model of health care delivery.

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