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History of the Collection

The Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh was a center for medical study during the years these dissertations cover, and was originally set up by a group of medical students to act as a forum to further their medical knowledge. This began with the buying of cadaver for dissection; continued with regular visits to their local tavern; and later developed into regular meetings at which they read to each other dissertations on medical subjects.

The Collection at the Ebling Library contains approximately 3,500 thesis in 200 bound volumes published from 1749 to 1840. The collection contains numerous thesis of RMSE students who are now famous, i.e. Bell, Brodie, Rush, de Graaf, Fallopious, Syndeham, Valsalva, and Scarpa. The subject mater of the thesis are as varied as the students themselves including, but not limited to, anatomy, physiology, pediatrics, neurology, and gynecology.



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