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Medical Facilities
Student Clinics

First Student Clinic
Prior to 1912, it was used as the University Clinic until the clinic moved
to a larger house. It was also known as the Cornelius House.

Photo courtesy of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Archives


University Clinical Building
Beginning In 1912, this house was used for administration, laboratories,
diagnosis and treatment rooms. Each doctor had two connecting rooms so
a patient could be getting ready while the doctor was with another patient.
The house was no longer used when the infirmary was built.

Photo from Ebling Library Collection

Student Infirmary
Located at 445 N. Randall St., it officially opened in 1919 but was used by patients during
the great influenza epidemic in 1918-1919. It was paid for partly by an appropriation of $43,000
from the legislature and gifts of $25,000 each from Carl Johnson and Thomas Brittingham.
This building and the Bradley Memorial Hospital were the first building
erected specifically for clinical purposes. Cost of the building was $93,000.

Photo courtesy of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Archives


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