Participant Contact Information -

Wisconsin Health Information Outreach Summit 2004


A. A. Thorngate Library - UWHC
Agnesian Heath Care / Fond du Lac Reg. Clinic / St. Agnes Hospital
Aurora Medical Center - Oshkosh, Community Resource Library
Dodge - Jefferson Healthier Community Partnership
Greater Midwest Region - NN/LM, Univ. of IL at Chicago
Hmong Health Education Network
Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries
National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service

Northeastern WI AHEC

Northern WI AHEC

Occupational Therapy Program
South Central Library System
UW - Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention (CTRI)
UW - Madison Ebling Library
UW - Madison SLIS
Wisconsin Health Science Library Assn.
Wisconsin Office of Rural Health
Wisconsin Reference and Loan Library
WISHET Wisconsin Society for Healthcare Education and Training


Organization or Group: A. A. Thorngate Library - UWHC

Services Provided: services are for laboratory staff and residents (although not opposed to helping more!) article delivery, table of contents delivery, email / snail mail information of interest to particular labs

Service Needed: would like to create websites w/ subject/topics that are helpful


Organization or Group: Agnesian Health Care

Services Provided: have health resource center for informational programs – health and wellness based, disease/illness based, speakers in these specialties; our organization is a hospital clinic and rural clinic and nursing home, occupational health and cancer related entities

Service Needed: we service many rural area clinics – it is difficult to provide consumer information to those areas, due to lack of computer needs and availability for space and teaching especially due to HIPPA privacy guides; availability of bilingual info, to keep down the costs for organizations, items that are readily available; names of participants for networking availability


Organization or Group: AHEC

Services Provided: Develop community-based health professions training programs and enhancement of community health education resources throughout Wisconsin

Service Needed: none listed


Organization or Group: Aurora Medical Center - Oshkosh

Services Provided: consumer health information service, lend books, mail bro fax packets of patient care information if requested, plan to teach classes on finding reliable health information online and coordinate info. sessions

Service Needed: just starting our outreach program


Organization or Group: Dodge – Jefferson Healthier Community Partnership

Services Provided: developing a digital consumer health library to include health information and human service agencies information

Service Needed: assistance in getting local agencies who develop paper resource directories to partner with us to establish a digital system, train / educate health care providers / agencies / libraries regarding the digital consumer health library / how to use it and promote it


Organization or Group: GMR NN/LM

Services Provided: exhibits at professional meetings; exhibits awards to fund other libraries to do exhibits; public health, consumer health, and information outreach subcontracts; consumer health, technology improvement and outreach project awards; training courses related to health information; handouts about NLM services and resources

Service Needed: information about state and local health info services


Organization or Group: Hmong Health Education Network

Services Provided: web directory / content management system, listserv, respond to queries to the site – includes ref questions, Hmong health related news, developing multimedia modules, Hmong family health guide – loose leaf and online, networking

Service Needed: funding and partners


Organization or Group: Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries

Services Provided: reference service, literature searches, checkout privileges, classes, document delivery

Service Needed: one-stop outreach web site for Wisconsin


Organization or Group: National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service

Services Provided: 1-800-4-CANCER – up to date, science based, cancer information, Partnership Program – collaborations with state and regional organizations on cancer education, cancer prevention, tobacco control, National Cancer Institute – publications, fact sheets, bulletins

Service Needed: none listed


Organization or Group: Northeastern AHEC

Services Provided: health careers, violence prevention, oral health, subcontracts for many health care issues

Service Needed: more education on reaching people and programming


Organization or Group: Northern Wisconsin AHEC

Services Provided: services provided: Health careers promotion, training for health professionals on information databases, continuing education clearinghouse at, health information on the Internet awareness, cultural competency training, 2 other websites –,

Service Needed: collaborative partners, promotion of services


Organization or Group: Occupational Therapy Program

Services Provided: none

Service Needed: access to refereed journals for practicing therapists


Organization or Group: South Central Library System

Services Provided: worked with NAHEC and Ebling Library staff to provide training on consumer health information resources on the web in 2003, hands on training will continue to work with these two organizations on our information service needs for public library staff to be able to help their patrons

Service Needed: access resource tools created to be used by public library staff at point of need, new staff to learn how to help patrons access health information, how to interview to direct individuals to sources they need, how to evaluate health information on the internet; becoming more familiar with specific resources, web tutorial, CD – other ways besides hands on; tools need to work for all sizes of libraries, the smaller the library the more difficult it is to meet their needs, timeless stuff; need to know target audience and the resources they have available to use to learn, plug-in, speaker phone, #of phone lines


Organization or Group: UW – Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention

Services Provided: smoking cessation clinical trials, smoking cessation information, CME training re: delivering tobacco independence treatment, dissemination of evidence-based treatment for tobacco dependence, publications resulting from the Wisconsin Tobacco Survey (2 nd one just completed)

Service Needed: none listed


Organization or Group: UW – Madison Ebling Library

Services Provided: Instruction around the state, lit. searches, print and electronic resources, reference, document delivery

Service Needed: none listed


Organization or Group: UW – Madison SLIS

Services Provided: Web page design, Continuing Education services, Library science education, Social science research

Service Needed: places for student practice or employment, research projects for faculty and doctoral students


Organization or Group: Wisconsin Health Science Library Assn.

Services Provided: provide access to free health information for consumers by exhibiting at library and health organizations

Service Needed: none listed


Organization or Group: Wisconsin Office of Rural Health

Services Provided: employment opportunities for allied health providers, loan assistance info for physicians, dentists, mid-level providers, dental hygienists, primary care physician employment opportunities, J1 Visa info for physicians, HPSA information, current rural health grant opportunities, profiles of WI rural counties

Service Needed: more visibility to public health / health care consumers


Organization or Group: Wisconsin Reference and Loan Library

Services Provided: databases with full text information, journal articles, essays, pamphlets, patient education information, some info in Spanish, WISCAT lists7 million titles held by more than 1200 contributing libraries, materials included are books, audiovisuals, journals

Service Needed: none listed


Organization or Group: WISHET

Services Provided: professional organization comprised of healthcare educators within state of WI from all settings – hospitals, clinics, long-term care, home health, and community agencies; provide opportunities for networking, conferences, provide channels of communication for information relevant to the profession, to develop coordination and leadership in healthcare education

Service Needed: information sources for healthcare providers, how to get patient information in English and Spanish, electronic link to be able to forward to people (providers) of resources