Evaluation Form

Results from Summit evaluation form: (28 respondents)

1 Strongly Disagree 2 Disagree 3 Agree Somewhat 4 Agree 5 Strongly Agree
1. The Summit provided useful information 0 0 0 7.5 20.5
2. Summit increased my awareness of outreach activities available in WI 0 0 1 4.5 22.5
3. Summit met my expectations 0 0 0 10 18
4. Summit was well organized 0 0 0 6.5 21.5
5. Overall, I gave the Summit high marks 0 0 0 7.5 20.5
6. Time for networking was adequate 0 0 4 10.5 12.5
7. Location was convenient 0 0 1 9.5 17.5
8. Summit should be an annual event 0 1 2 8.5 14.5


Evaluation Comments  

Some presenters used acronyms that were unfamiliar, they should be explained.

The overall program was well planned and presented

Please email synopsis of email info of attendees.

Maybe summit should be biennial?

Suggest half day for presentations, end with lunch. After lunch networking an continue plus any work group meetings if people decide to elaborate on projects.

Why annual event – learn from each other, hear about projects in development, underway, model for others.

Next should be taskforce reports of things that have been done.


Summit more than met expectations.

Was indeed well organized

Unsure if summit should be annual event at this time.

THANK YOU. This was very helpful to me. I will be following up with much of the information once I get back to my organization and figure out how to best move forward.

I felt that there was good information shared - am new in the field – Web based info good for resources.

It would be of benefit to have a contact person listed for each of the groups presented.

The new HSL bldg is amazing.

Truly enjoyed the day.

I really feel the PHIN need to be brought to the clinical community not only for better data collection but on the reverse for better public health.

Being new to education I would find it of benefit to have a profile of the different organizations and what their target audiences are.

Supplying note taking paper would be nice.

Very informative. It would be nice to have an annual Summit since change is ongoing and health info HAS to be up to date to be useful.

Another thought – Next year’s Summit could focus sessions thematically (e.g. rural health, public health, minority health, etc.)